What is 42?

42 is a FREE 42 day program that will change your BODY, MIND and SPIRIT. It will detox, tone and slim your body. The average person who does 42 loses 20 to 25 pounds. 42 is designed to help you to overcome The 7 Deadly Sins of Pride, Lust, Gluttony, Laziness, Greed, Envy and Anger. 42 is the only program of its type that encompasses the total person. When you finish, you will be a new person, a better person, a happier person, and a more powerful and fulfilled person. There is nothing to buy, everything is here at Do42.com.

42 consists of three parts: Spiritual Disciplines, Dietary and Exercise. You can click the appropriate buttons to get an overview of what is required in each section of the program. All three parts are necessary for the greatest benefit but if you only want to do a specific part, on the Daily To Do page simply follow the appropriate column.

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