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First, a brief overview and then the answer. Christians are the most overweight group on Earth. You see it every week in your pews. Your hospital visits have increased because obesity is passing smoking as the leading cause of preventable disease and early death. Obesity kills nearly 1,000 people every day in the U.S. and the majority of those 1,000 are Christians. Charisma Magazine published an issue called, “Why Is The Church So Fat?” and that was nearly ten years ago. Two out of three adults are overweight or obese. You know the facts but what do you do about it?

The answer isn’t clear in the Bible. Sure, the Bible says, “If you are a big eater, put a knife to your throat.” Prov 23:2 (NLT) but you can’t exactly preach that message. Controlling the flesh has never been easy. It wasn’t in Biblical days and it isn’t now. In fact, it will never be.

These are 3 reasons why controlling food and the resulting weight in church are so difficult?15232318_s

  1. Food is more fattening than ever.
  2. We live more sedentary lives as TV, video games, computers, riding mowers and electric golf carts take the place of activities that once gave us exercise.
  3. It’s accepted. If two out of three people are overweight, the stigma and resulting motivation to change are reduced. If most people in the church are overweight, then you feel right at home.

Everyone who is overweight generally wants to be at a healthy weight. However, they’ve often failed so many times at dieting that they just don’t know what else to do. Do 42!

42 is a FREE 42 day program that will help your members lose weight! But 42 is not just about weight. 42 changes the spirit.

42 helps combat The 7 Deadly sins of Pride, Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Anger, Laziness & Envy. Do you have members who struggle with those? In the process of changing the spirit, 42 also changes the body.

42 consists of a spiritual program that over 100,000 people have completed, a special dietary program and an exercise program guided by a fitness expert. ALL of which are FREE.

Not only is 42 COMPLETELY FREE, but the person with the most amazing transformation story will receive a first prize of $4,200.00. If they are made aware of 42 from your church and if they win the first prize, your church will be given $1,000.00 and the pastor will be given $500.00.

So what’s the catch? There isn’t any. There are no catches, no gimmicks, no kidding.

42 is a program from God. It is not man’s program and you will feel the divine influence once you study 42. So where does the money come from? It is paid for by a pastor who is also a successful businessman. He has been pastoring for 19 years and is the editor of the free daily inspirational email

Most who Do 42 lose an average of 20 to 25 pounds. Not only will people lose weight but 42 changes the taste buds and the way that you want to eat. If you want a FREE way to improve your member’s health and spirit, go and study 42. 42 will change your church.

The group participation and the financial incentives will help motivate them for change. You will have healthier members with less weight. No catches, no gimmicks, no kidding. Go to to get started.

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