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    FAQs is an online program of The ARK of Salvation.

    The mission given The ARK of Salvation is one of world outreach, just as God directed the building of The ARK to save the world.The 40 Day Miracle is a program first presented to the attending members of The ARK but its miraculous power is extended to the world to receive and participate just as if they were present at the church.

    To learn about the pastors and the worldwide ministerial work flowing out of The ARK of Salvation and the websites, click the links below: – Church Wherever You Are With a different service for EACH person
    Meet The Pastors – “The World’s Largest Inspirational Email”
    Most Asked Questions About MountainWings – “Free inspirational Movies”
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    “The 40 Day Life Change”
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    “Change Your Life in 40 Days”
    “Strength and Direction for a 40 Day
    Journey That Will Change Your Life”
    “If You Don’t Get The 40 Day Miracle,
    “Where Will You Be in 40 Days?”