Exercise FAQs

Oh yes! RinGO MaXX goes through a full body workout in less than 15 minutes. Depending on the level that you choose, you will be sweating by the time that you finish. You also have the option to do several RinGO Maxx workouts per day or session so it is limited only by your desire.
What do I do during the Restercise?

Whatever you are comfortable with. You can actually lay down flat on the floor. Many do that in RinGO’s actual exercise classes. They lay flat on the floor and don’t move until the rest period is over. You can lay flat, walk in place, stand, jump rope or whatever else you want to do. You DO NOT have to follow what they are doing in the video, you can do as little or as much as you want during the Restercise period.

It is always best to be safe. STOP! If you feel chest pain while exercising, as with all exercise programs, treat that as an emergency and seek immediate medical help.

Should I do additional warm up?

If you are particularly stiff or older, you might want to do an extra warmup routine. RinGO has a five minute stretching routine that is good just to loosen up and relax even if you don’t workout.

Looks can be deceiving. Do the High Intensity exercise routine first and then re-ask that question. There have been plenty of people in excellent shape who thought it was too easy until they tried the High Intensity level. After they tried High Intensity, they didn’t ask that question again.

Sure. Most people who Do 42 aren’t doing any type of daily exercising other than walking. We aren’t talking marathon runners here. If you are used to running five miles a day or doing rigorous exercise daily then you may want to do additional exercising.

Can I stop the video and rest?

Absolutely. Do not overstrain yourself. If you feel the need to stop then pause the video and wait until your heart rate returns to normal.

If you feel up to it. Often you must do a lower intensity than normal if you feel weak.

Yes, RinGO conducts a one hour exercise class on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 6pm. The class is free. To attend go to www.ChurchDirections.com and simply show up a few minutes before 6pm on the scheduled days.

There will be additional exercise videos added to RinGOMaXX.com as they become available.