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The 42 DVD Kit

You do not need to purchase anything to Do 42. It really is free and everything that you need to Do 42 is really available for free here in high quality at


Look at 42. Study 42. Pray about 42.


If 42 is something that you know you or those you care about it need AND if you think you would prefer the DVD set, then you can order the DVD kit. It will be delivered BEFORE Jan. 1st.


Eight reasons why you might prefer the DVD kit:


1. If you have no sound on your computer or for some reason can’t play the messages (such as your computer access is at work). DVDs and CDs will allow you to Do42 without an internet connection and slow internet connections can cause the video to stop or jitter. Plays on your DVD player, computer, laptop or anywhere DVDs are playable instead of your computer monitor or phone.


2. Includes The Cleaner “The Ultimate Body Detox.”  The Cleaner is the recommended optional detox for 42 and can be purchased at most health food and many drug stores for $17.95.


3. Includes a Can You Do 42? T-Shirt (will receive after testimony submission)


4. You get two printed Daily Proclamation bookmarks.


5. You can listen in your car or without the Internet.


6. Makes an awesome gift. Those who receive it will be blessed. If they follow 42, their lives will be changed. Most gifts, unlike 42, are quickly forgotten.


7. Your purchase will help support the mission.A vast number will be blessed by 42 but only a very few will make a purchase or send a donation to help.  You become one of the few.You become one of those who helps to spread miracles instead of just seeking a miracle.


8. No need for ANY computer download knowledge.


What is included in package?

Full Program Guide that explains everything

The Cleaner

T-shirt – Can You Do 42? (after testimony submission)
2- RinGO MaXX DVDs with 42 Day workout
1- Recipe DVD
1-MP3 14 Message and tools CD
2-Proclamation Bookmarks
The 40 Day Miracle book
Do42 handouts Business Card size